HCBL at CinemaCon 2024, Las Vegas, USA, April 8-11, 2024

HCBL attended the latest CinemaCon 2024 Tradeshow with a Great Success



In Las Vegas, Nevada, HCBL, the premier provider and manufacturer of 3D technology, is currently taking part in CinemaCon 2024, the industry's renowned tradeshow. At the event, HCBL is unveiling its latest advancements in cinema technology.

A standout feature of HCBL's presence at CinemaCon is the overwhelming interest surrounding their CH600LASER triple beam 3D system for RGB LASER PROJECTORS, attracting clients from both the USA and Latin America. This cutting-edge system significantly enhances brightness and delivers ghost-free 3D performance, elevating the movie-watching experience.

Lianghua Wu, HCBL's owner and GM, expressed enthusiasm about showcasing their long-lasting 3D technology at CinemaCon 2024. "HCBL is always dedicated to offering top-quality products with a customer-centric approach," Wu stated.

HCBL's participation at CinemaCon this year was marked by success, underscoring their commitment to innovation and excellence in cinema screen technology. They connected with numerous potential customers and industry supporters, further strengthening the 3D cinema community.

In 2024, HCBL is not only focusing on 3D technology but also diversifying our product range to include other cinema-related items. Leveraging our extensive experience in the Chinese market and well-established supply chain, we can source new items for your cinema construction or renovation projects. Don't hesitate to reach out to HCBL for assistance. HCBL is here to help!


Exciting developments lie ahead as HCBL gears up for Barcelona CineEurope 2024 in June. Attendees can anticipate gaining deeper insights into HCBL's various offerings. Stay tuned for more updates!

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